Certified Swag Monsters

What up Fam!

So at this point you prolly know me as ADAM the t-shirt guy. You see me hustlin’ Cotton, blowing up social media and evidently probably bugging the hell out of some of you!

I‘m cool with that.

Here’s why.

Custom swag is a huge industry, over 2 Billion Dollars a year HUGE. Yeah, that’s a lot of zero’s.

Unfortunatly the industry has gotten tired and the local print shop guy doesn’t have a damn clue what’s hot. He’s still slinging the same tees we all wore in middle school and has not a clue what ringspun cotton in (It’s the soft shirt, think American Apparel)

So WTF do you care.

When’s the the last time you looked up at a billboard. TV commercial? I’m willing to bet that During the Super Bowl you picked up your phone and missed 90% of the commercials.

So as a business how do we advertise? Newspaper-lol, Billboard-Joumana, TV Commercial-Instagram time!

But wait ! We all love swag, a super soft tee with a sick graphic, amazing. A snap back with clean precise colorful embroidery, bad ass.

Your business needs to sell and give a way swag. Lots of it, all off it. $650 and I’ll sell you 100 soft, American Apparel style tees. Any logo front and back.

If we work together and design a kick ass tee, imagine the impressions. That soft tee becomes the Favorite tee and Saturday everyone wears it. Eastern market, brunch, nyc subway. Wherever.

Your brand, your logo, hundreds of impressions every time they wear the Tee.

Half my wardrobe says Steiner, and I have a vest with my face embroidered. Cool right!

So what are you waiting for?

I am a Certified Swag Monster. Let’s get you Branded.


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